10 Must Try Drinks When Visiting Eis Cafe

When you hear Eis Cafe, you immediately think of our extravagant, delicious drinks such as our iconic LOCOSHAKES range. To be quite honest all of our drinks are bursting with flavor and unique in their own ways, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

With more than 50 different hot & cold drinks to choose from, we understand it can be quite overwhelming. So…we made this handy guide to help you choose your next sip of heaven from Eis Cafe.

1. Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Roasted Marshmallow Locoshake

Chocolate Fudge

You can’t call yourself a chocolate fanatic if you have not tried this absolute beauty. This chocolate fudge milkshake topped with whipped cream, fresh brownie slab, and roasted marshmallow is to die for. It’s truly a work of art that is available to order now.

2. Mango Puree Cheesecake Milkshake

Tropical heaven! This drink screams Summer vibes and is perfect for those hot days. A combination of mango puree cheesecake, crushed biscuits and vanilla ice cream. Perfectly balanced just how it should be 😉

3. Bourbon Cream Mint Milkshake

For the mint lovers ♥ A combination of mint and vanilla ice cream, chocolate bourbon biscuits and topped with dark chocolate chips and fresh whipped cream. Absolutely delicious!

4. Kinder Chocolate & Nutella Hot Chocolate

Not quite the weather for it, but on a cold winter’s day it hits the spot in all the right places. This deluxe hot chocolate is a combination of Nutella & Kinder chocolate topped with roasted marshmallows for that extra kick in flavour. Even we sometimes drink this when it’s not even cold because it is that good 🤤

5. Spanish Cortado

Our coffee is brewed in house and made from the finest coffee beans in the whole of Birmingham. We’re not even kidding! Our Spanish Cortado is the perfect beverage for coffee lovers new and old. Once you try fresh coffee made from high quality coffee beans, you will be a changed person.

6. Blueberry Cheesecake Locoshake

Nothing much else to say really about this one apart from 😍😍😍 One of the reasons why our milkshakes taste so good is because everything is fresh including our homemade ice cream and whipped cream.

7. Oreo Monster Locoshake

One of our iconic locoshakes, the OREO MONSTER! Any guesses as to why we called it that? Unlike monsters, this will be one monster you definitely wish to be thinking about all the time.

8. Berber Herbal Tea

One for our tea lovers! Green tea blend prepared with kaffir lime leaves, lemon verbena leaves, peppermint and dried orange. Hits the spot 😋

9. Burnt Honey Pecan & Orange Blossom Milkshake

Another feel good drink that is simply too good to miss out. This beauty is a combination of Burnt honey, pecan, orange blossom, Medjool dates, almond milk and vanilla ice cream milkshake, topped with fresh honeycomb whipped cream, cinnamon and roasted flaked almonds. DELICIOUS!

10. S’MORES Cookie Dough Locoshake

Another beast of a locoshake that is calling your name. This cookie chocolate chip milkshake surrounded by a Nutella rim with chocolate cookie crumbs is from another planet. Topping it all off is whipped cream and a gigantic cookie s’mores sandwich.

Which drink are you ordering first? Let us know in the comments below 👇 #eiscafebirmingham

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