At Eis Cafe, we are always looking for ways to provide the ultimate food experience to as many individuals as possible. When dining with us, you’re begin to understand a new way of experiencing desserts, coffee & many more unique food creations.

For 12 years we have been located on 500 Coventry Road, where we have been humbled to have served so many of our loyal customers. Now…Eis Cafe are excited to expand it’s outlets in Birmingham’s iconic Balti Triangle.

After months of preparation, brainstorming new menu creations and ideas; we are almost ready to open our state of the art cafe for everyone to enjoy. We know some of our incredible customers have many questions to ask about our second location, therefore we have decided to answer some of them below 👇:

When is the new branch opening?

Our latest branch on Ladypool Road will be open very soon and won’t be long before you can visit. Be sure to follow us on Instagram or stay up to date with our blog for the latest updates.

What is special about the new store?

Our new store will still have that Eis Cafe finishing touch and character, but on a much bigger scale. We plan on introducing exclusive menu items to accompany our shiny new store for you to enjoy very soon.

Will the Coventry Road store still stay open?

Yes! We still plan on operating our store on Coventry Road so you can enjoy Eis Cafe much more conveniently.

Will you be recruiting?

As soon as the store is nearly ready for launch, we will be looking to take on new staff members to be a part of our incredible team. Stay tuned!

From everyone on the team, we are eternally grateful and appreciative of your support. We hope you can join us on our new adventure and mission of introducing to more people a new way of understanding desserts.

We’ll See You Soon 😊

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