Take A Look At Our Japanese Inspired Store Design On Ladypool Road

As we approach the opening day of our brand new store located on Ladypool Road, we felt it was only right to tease you with our brand new vision for how the store will look.

Unlike our Coventry Road store, we have decided to go with a more simplistic, modern take. We’re all about taking desserts and coffee to the next level and it is only fitting to ensure our latest branch reflects that.

Our main source of inspiration for the latest design came from our love of Japanese style hipster cafes. Japan is home to some of the most beautiful cafes in the world and we wanted to bring that same aesthetics to Birmingham and hopefully to many more cities in the near future. Stay Tuned! 😉

Our Ladypool Road branch is state of the art, equipped with the the latest, high tech coffee machines for that extra quality brew. We’ve designed this store to provide a very simplistic, comforting experience to hang with friends and family during weekdays or weekends. It’s the perfect hangout anytime of the week.

We’ve already started work and will be open very soon, so be sure to keep an eye on our socials and website for the latest updates.

Work has begun and the final outcome of our vision will become a reality very soon, we promise! We are all about changing the game and elevating the levels to ensure a unique experience is delivered to everyone in the city of Birmingham.

This is just the beginning of what is to come 😉

Before and After

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