What To Expect In 2022 At Eis Cafe?

2021, to put it nicely, has been quite an eventful year. It has definitely not been shy of news and drama that’s for sure, but it has been a year full of positive news that we can look forward to as we embark upon a new year. We’re always optimistic of what the future beholds and are more eager than ever to make 2022 one of the best years yet at Eis Cafe for our team, but most importantly for you! So what can you expect from us in 2022….

Brand New Store On Ladypool Road

This is without a doubt the most exciting new change to come to Eis Cafe. A second home for serving out of this world desserts, while enjoying coffee that is brewed fresh and daily in house. Inspired by modern Japanese cafes, this location will truly make everyone feel comfortable and provide a curated social experience to enjoy with friends and family.

More Eis Cafe Bakings Selections

We introduced a new concept this year of Eis Cafe Bakings, where fresh pastries from around the globe, are made in house and served to you. 2022 will continue to see our popular range taken to the next level with more selections to choose from to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. We’ve recently added some delicious white chocolate and raspberry freeze babka. It is soft, chewy and full of flavours.


Exclusive New Menu Launch

We’re always experimenting and innovating to ensure even our most loyal customers are truly captivated by every experience with us. We are all about elevating our menu items to the next level and we are pretty much ready to launch our new menu for you to all experience.

Potentially More Extravagant Cakes

Our cakes are so popular and always available to order from our online store. It is no surprise that the cakes made in Eis Cafe are all fresh and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and mouth. We are no doubt always experimenting and even though we already have an extensive cake selection, we are very much looking into bringing in even more options for you.

We know 2021 has been a very difficult year for all of us, but let’s hope 2022 is significantly better and we hope you can join our journey in making sure it is a good one. Start 2022 right and get your cake orders in for New Years Celebrations with friends and family. On behalf of everyone at Eis Cafe, we wish you a Happy New Year and hope you can join us in the new year for exciting and big things to come:

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